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Temzu Town | Kerrin Kokot

June 03, 2020
Temzu Town
Temzu Town

Temzu Town
Production companies: Just Films & Mosaic Films
Directors: Salvador Maldonado & Kerrin Kokot
Producers: Kerrin Kokot, Andy Glynne
Commissioned by: Development Media International
Head writer: Becky Ngoma
Lead character designer: Terence Maluleke
Lead environment designer: Marc Moynihan
Original composition: Pressure Cooker Studios

Bupe, an academically bright but naive teen girl from a rural town, meets Mwamba, a confident but equally naive teen boy from the city – and sparks fly! Racing to learn everything they can about contraception without their conservative parents finding out, the couple faces confusing myths and stigmatisation as well as help from surprising allies. When Bupe misses her period they’re finally forced to face reality – and their parents.

A 13-part 2D animated mini-series for mobile distribution in Tanzania, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia and Uganda.