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Super Strikas | Kerrin Kokot

March 21, 2016
Super Strikas

Director: Bruce Legg
Animatics Editor: Kerrin Kokot
Animation Studio: Strika Entertainment

Strika was founded in 2001 with the introduction of its flagship soccer comic, Supa Strikas, to the South African market. Today, Supa Strikas has a presence in over 20 countries worldwide and a monthly print run of over a million copies. Supa Strikas also boasts its own animation series with a global footprint, now in its third season.

[Supa Strikas] is the serialised story of the greatest football team in the world. We follow the players’ adventures both on and off the pitch as they travel to football-loving destinations all over the globe, searching for fun, mystery and, most importantly, world-beating football skills!” – Strika Entertainment website

For more information about the series, please visit: Super Strikas